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Lemonnade: A Refreshing Strain With a Citrus Twist


Lemonnade is a popular hybrid strain that is known for its refreshing taste and invigorating effects. As the name suggests, Lemonnade has a strong lemon flavor and aroma that is sure to delight anyone who loves citrusy strains. This strain is a cross between Lemon OG and Gorilla Haze, which gives it a balanced and well-rounded profile.


Lemonnade has bright green buds that are covered in a thick layer of resinous trichomes. The nugs are dense and tightly packed, with a slightly elongated shape. The leaves are a vibrant shade of green and are interlaced with bright orange pistils. Overall, Lemonnade has an eye-catching appearance that is sure to draw attention.

Aroma and Flavor

As mentioned earlier, Lemonnade has a strong lemon aroma and flavor that is unmistakable. The citrus scent is accompanied by subtle hints of pine and earthiness, which adds complexity to the overall profile. When smoked or vaped, Lemonnade has a smooth and pleasant taste that lingers on the palate.


Lemonnade is known for its invigorating effects that can uplift the mood and energize the body. The high starts with a rush of euphoria that enhances creativity and promotes mental clarity. As the high progresses, the body feels relaxed and at ease, without the heaviness that is often associated with indica strains. Lemonnade is a great strain to use during the day, as it can help with productivity and focus.

Medical Benefits

Lemonnade has several potential medical benefits, thanks to its well-balanced profile. The strain’s uplifting effects can be helpful for those struggling with depression or anxiety, as it can promote a more positive outlook. Additionally, Lemonnade’s relaxing properties can be beneficial for managing stress and chronic pain.


Overall, Lemonnade is a refreshing and uplifting strain that is perfect for those who love citrusy flavors. Its balanced profile and potential medical benefits make it a popular choice among both recreational and medical cannabis users. If you’re looking for a strain that can help you feel energized and focused, Lemonnade is definitely worth a try.




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