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Cookies | Burnt Rubber

Cookies | Burnt Rubber is a unique hybrid strain that is the result of crossing two popular strains, GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) and Fire OG. This strain has a distinct flavor profile that is a mix of sweet and earthy notes with a hint of burnt rubber, hence the name. It’s a powerful strain that is known for its relaxing and euphoric effects.

Cookies | Burnt Rubber has a vibrant green color with bright orange pistils and a thick layer of trichomes. The buds are dense and compact, with a sticky texture due to the resinous coating.

The aroma of Cookies | Burnt Rubber is a combination of sweet and earthy notes with a hint of burnt rubber. The sweet aroma comes from the GSC lineage, while the earthy notes are from the Fire OG lineage. The burnt rubber scent is what makes this strain stand out from others.

The flavor of Cookies | Burnt Rubber is similar to its aroma. It has a sweet and earthy taste with a hint of burnt rubber on the exhale. The smoke is smooth, making it an enjoyable experience for users.

Chemical Profile:
The THC content of Cookies | Burnt Rubber can range from 20% to 25%. It also has a moderate level of CBD, which helps to balance out the effects of the high. This strain has a terpene profile that includes caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene, which contribute to its unique aroma and flavor.

The effects of Cookies | Burnt Rubber are primarily relaxing and euphoric, making it a great strain to use after a long day or when dealing with stress or anxiety. The high is also known to induce a feeling of happiness and creativity, making it a great choice for those who need a boost in their creative pursuits. The moderate CBD content helps to counteract some of the potentially negative side effects of the THC, such as anxiety or paranoia.

Overall, Cookies | Burnt Rubber is a unique and powerful strain that is sure to satisfy both seasoned and novice cannabis users. Its sweet and earthy aroma, combined with a hint of burnt rubber, makes it a memorable and enjoyable experience. The relaxing and euphoric effects, coupled with its moderate CBD content, make it a great strain for both medicinal and recreational purposes.




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